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Lomustine is the generic name for the trade name drug CuuNu, Gleostine, or CCNU. In some cases, health care professionals may use the trade name CCNU or other names CeeNu when referring to the generic drug name lomustine. CeeNU is an alkylating nitrosourea compound used in chemotherapy. It is closely related to semustine and is in the same family as streptozotocin. It is a highly lipid-soluble drug,[2] thus it crosses the blood-brain barrier


CeeNU (lomustine) is indicated as adjuvant therapy to surgery and radiotherapy or in combination therapy with other chemotherapeutic agents in the following clinical situations:

Brain tumours – both primary and metastatic in patients who have already received appropriate surgical and/or radio therapeutic procedures.

Hodgkin’s Disease – as a secondary therapy.

CeeNU should not be given to individuals who have demonstrated a previous hypersensitivity to it.


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