Establishing Pharmaceutical Wholesaler/Distributor in Switzerland

Rasso Swiss Pharma can establish your pharmaceutical trading/wholesale/distribution company in Switzerland: 

  1. Establishing your AG or GmbH corporation 
  2. Creating your quality management system according to Swissmedic regulations
  3. Apply for Swissmedic licenses
  4. Providing Swissmedic approved FvP/RP (Fachtechnisch verantwortliche Person/Responsible Person)
  5. Managing Swissmedic inspection, audits and followups 
  6. Maintaining quality systems as per Swissmedic requirements
  7. Consultation with Swiss logistics, pharmaceutical warehousing, suppliers, manufacturers, etc. 

If you do not want to go through the above lengthy steps and would like to start trading pharmaceutical products right away we still do have a solution for you. We can provide you with an already established company with all the essential licenses and quality systems where you can start your sales right away ready more…