Wholesale & Export


Rasso Pharma has access to a wide range of pharmaceutical and medical products. We can supply branded or generic products from European or American manufacturer to meet the need of our clients. 

Name Patient Program

RSP Products (Pharmaceutical Wholesaler)


A Name Patient Program (NPP) gives access to physicians and patients to pharmaceutical products that are not available or registered in their local country. In such cases the physician prescribes the patient with the specific medication. Rasso Swiss Pharma (RSP) works with a vast variety of manufacturer and can provide patients with their specific treatments that are not available in their country.

MOH Emergency, Shortage & Tender 

Rasso Swiss Pharma has been actively supplying the medical shortage of various countries . With joint efforts of local representatives, partners and medical institutions Rasso has been fulfilling the emergency drug shortages of MOH of these countries.  Rasso pharma is able to very rapidly provide bulk shipment of generic and branded drugs to meet the MOH emergency requirements.